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NAHB councils target disciplines within the home building industry and offer members networking opportunities, professional education, recognition and awards, and exclusive products and services.

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20 Clubs

Industry leaders who share business knowledge and expertise with one another

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55+ Housing Industry Council

Provides education programs for members serving the growing 55+ housing market

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Building Systems Councils

Serves the concrete, log and timber, modular and panelized home building industries

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*Exclusive to Executive Officers*

Executive Officers Council

Works to enhance the professionalism of state and local executive officers

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*Open to Suppliers*

Leading Suppliers Council

Shapes the residential construction industry’s policies and programs

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Multifamily Council

Addresses issues specific to multifamily, affordable and rental housing

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Nat’l Sales & Marketing Council

Helps members stay on top of the latest trends in new home sales and marketing

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Professional Women in Building

The voice of women in home building: dedicated to members’ career success

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Professional remodelers represent the members in the remodeling industry

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*Exclusive to Past Chairmen*

Past Chairmen’s Council

Former chairs of the association’s board of directors